Ember Bath House

The interior experience of Ember Bath House is tactile, transporting, restorative and grounded, a journey of self-care where the rites and ritual of bathing can be held. A sensorial journey, from the moment you step through the threshold, into the deepness of the space, a quietness holds space for you, energy softens. We worked in a close and collaborative process with Embers founders, allowing for moments of true intuition to flow and guide the hands-on creative process. Darkness and Lightness, a focus of our studios creative concept, is manifest through the interplay of light and shadows cast on anchor rocks, placed at transitional moments within the spatial experience guiding the wellness journey. The wellness offering is inspired by ancient bathing rituals such as; Onsen, Hammam, Sauna, and ice bath immersion, complemented by Ayurvedic massage treatments. Truly a sanctuary for you to feel held through the therapeutic quality of water and the absence of time.
Construction Powell Building Pty Ltd   Photography Dion Robeson